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Acorn Icon Set For Free Download

April 28th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

In this post and in the previous one we release two beautiful professional icon sets that will hopefully meet your expectations and will come in handy in your projects.

Acorn Icon Set

This icon set was designed by Monica Corduneanu and released especially for Smashing Magazine and its readers. The set contains 17 beautiful icons-illustrations: an envelope, book, home, laidy and the tramp, magnifying glass, mister, mister and misses, newspaper, paperclip, pencil, rain, the French, the gangster, the kids, the reader, twins and, of course, the Smashing addict.


The download package (see links below) also includes the Adobe Illustrator source file. As always, the set is completely free and may be used for any private or commercial project without any restrictions whatsoever.

Download the set for free!


Motivation behind the design

As usual, here are some insights from the designer:

With the help of the „Mister Acorn” icon set I've managed to bring a piece of nature to life. It's about a set composed of vectorial cartoon style icons, in witch the main caracter, mister acorn is shown in diferent situations. You can see the set as a voyage of the main caracter through the world, from Italy, the magical world of cartoons, to France.

At the same time, the icons are adapted to webdesign necessities containing specific elements. It's a free to use icon set for non-commercial purpose released in png and ai formats.

So, if you thought that acorns don't have a soul, well think again!

Best wishes, The Creator, Monica Corduneanu from Creatures Land.

Thank you, Monica! Please let us know in the comments if this release meets your expectations. And if not, please let us know what we could improve in the upcoming releases!

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