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Google Plus Profile Picture Hack

July 24th, 2011 No comments

I noticed earlier today that the “about” page of google plus profile lets you to upload 5 photos at the top of the page so i couldnt resist doing a Facebook type hack on it. I didn’t do anything as fancy as those ones though, i just used a panoramic photo i took sometime last year:

WordPress wouldnt let me upload the photoshop file that i used to make the images so i added it to my dropbox instead, so feel free to download it and go to town on your google profile image

I left the guides and slices set up so all you have to do is just paste in the image you want between the two layers and bobs your uncle!

If your not used to working with slices in photoshop here is what you have to do; once your happy with your image go to: file,save for web&devices”, then click save down the bottom of the window… on the next screen go to the drop down menu for slices and select “all user slices” then save again, and thats it, it will save the five images to separate files for you, its much quicker than having to copy each image to a new window and then saving it.

Your welcome


Update: 22/07/2011: The layout of the google+ profile has changed around since i posted this, the thumbnail pictures have moved above the profile links and they now also line up with the bottom of the profile picture. (the photoshop file has been updated)

Funny animations Google Plus vs Facebook – GIF Image

July 22nd, 2011 No comments

Couple of weeks back, Google introduced the new social networking feature, Google + which can currently be accessed via invite only. Within 24 hours of it’s launch, Google had to shut down the invite feature due to the insane demand of G+ invites. However, it was reported that Google Plus was open to public for a while , but within couple of hours it was closed down again.

Although there are many people who are craving and still trying their luck to sign up or get a Google Plus invitation, several others who are already on Google+ are mocking at Facebook by creating some funny images and sharing them across their Stream.

In this post, we have complied a list of funny and extremely amusing Google+ vs Facebook images. Most of these images were shared by Google Plus fans who think that Google Plus’ elegant design and features is way better than Facebook’s UI and features and its worth moving to Google+ from Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg Don't Mention Google Plus Live vs PlusI Was On Google Plus First


Gang Sign

I Cab Explain

Google Plus vs Facebook Zidane

Football- Google Plus vs Facebook

Snooker: Google vs Facebook

Google Slaps Facebook

Moving to Google Plus

Google Plus Cruise Ship

Facebook vs Google Plus

Google Plus Hook Me Up


Facebook vs Google Plus
Please feel free to share any other funny images that I’ve missed to include in the list. You can do so by adding it in the comments section below.

P.S. Please be aware that Google has shut down the invite and sign up feature for Google Plus. There are spammers who are taking advantage of the invite feature by selling invites on eBay and elsewhere. These invites are fake and please do not consider them.

We have explored Google+ to the full extent since a week and you might want to read through our series of articles which will be helpful to you when it comes to using and understanding Google+.

8 Quick Tips and Tricks using google plus – a new social network

July 6th, 2011 No comments

Google Plus (aka Google+), Google’s new social network, might offer the right mix of sharing and privacy to woo you away from your Facebook account. If you don’t know how to use it, though, it’s just a confusing mess of circles and contacts. So we’ve assembled a few tips to help you get started.


Getting started with Google’s new social networking service? We have a few quick tips to get you oriented.

Google Plus email notifications; click for full-size image.

Google Plus email notifications. Tweak your email notification options. By default, Google Plus will spam your Gmail account with notifications for practically anything involving your new account. You can go to the Google Account options to uncheck all of the ones you don’t want to get, thereby reducing your Gmail traffic considerably.

Google Plus profile sharing settings; click for full-size image.Google Plus profile sharing settings. Change your profile’s field-sharing settings. Your Google Account has certain basic fields that it can share with anyone–but you don’t have to go along with maximum sharing. Open your Google Account Profile and privacy settings, click Edit visibility on profile, and then click the individual profile fields and determine how public you want to make them.

Disable resharing in Google Plus; click for full-size image.

Disable resharing in Google Plus. Disable resharing. Google Plus may make it easy for you to segregate who you share your information with, but your connections have no such limitations, meaning that something you share with a select few can still spread like wildfire across your networks. Nevertheless, you can disable resharing of a certain post after posting it: Just click the arrow in the upper-right-hand corner of the post and then click Disable resharing.

Check your Incoming feed. Unlike Facebook, Google Plus lets people share things with you even if you’re not following them. Consequently you’ll want to check your Incoming feed now and then to see whether you’re missing out on anything interesting from someone you don’t follow. Think of it as a spam folder that occasionally contains something interesting.

The Your Circles option in Google Plus; click for full-size image.The Your Circles option in Google Plus saves you a few clicks. Use the Your Circles option while sharing. Google Plus’s Circles system is great for letting you use your Plus account to set barriers between the various groups of people you want to share things with. If most of what you share on Google Plus isn’t especially privacy-sensitive, however, use the Your Circles sharing option to automatically share items with all of your circles and avoid the trouble of clicking each individual circle.

Start some Sparks. In addition to following people, you can search for interesting stuff to share about particular topics in the Sparks section on the side menu of the main page. Click Sparks, and search for things that you’re interested in or browse through the featured topics; if you want to pin a search on your sidebar for easy future access, click the Add Interest button under the search field.

Click through profile pictures. You can easily cycle through other people’s profile pics by clicking on them.

Text formatting in Google Plus; click for full-size image.Text formatting in Google Plus. Add some basic formatting. As with Google Talk and Google Buzz, you can add basic text styles to some of your Google Plus text. Paired asterisks (*text*) make bold text, paired underscores (_text_) make italics, and paired dashes (-text-) make strikethroughs.