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Google Plus Profile Picture Hack

July 24th, 2011 No comments

I noticed earlier today that the “about” page of google plus profile lets you to upload 5 photos at the top of the page so i couldnt resist doing a Facebook type hack on it. I didn’t do anything as fancy as those ones though, i just used a panoramic photo i took sometime last year:

WordPress wouldnt let me upload the photoshop file that i used to make the images so i added it to my dropbox instead, so feel free to download it and go to town on your google profile image

I left the guides and slices set up so all you have to do is just paste in the image you want between the two layers and bobs your uncle!

If your not used to working with slices in photoshop here is what you have to do; once your happy with your image go to: file,save for web&devices”, then click save down the bottom of the window… on the next screen go to the drop down menu for slices and select “all user slices” then save again, and thats it, it will save the five images to separate files for you, its much quicker than having to copy each image to a new window and then saving it.

Your welcome


Update: 22/07/2011: The layout of the google+ profile has changed around since i posted this, the thumbnail pictures have moved above the profile links and they now also line up with the bottom of the profile picture. (the photoshop file has been updated)