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(Really) Stunning Desktop Wallpapers

October 7th, 2009 No comments

Desktop wallpapers always come in handy. The more inspirational, beautiful and elegant they are, the better they can challenge our imagination and provide some fresh perspective in a rather tedious and monotonous workflow. However, desktop wallpapers sometimes can go far beyond offering colorful eye-candy; sometimes desktop wallpapers include calendars, funny cartoons and logos of favourite tools, services and companies. The latter is particularly true for Apple-fans and Microsoft-haters as well as for Google, Twitter and Firefox-users.

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60 Beautiful Ubuntu Desktop Wallpapers

April 24th, 2009 No comments

ubuntu wallpapers

We’ve previously showcased some really nice Mac wallpapers and Windows wallpapers. This time around we want to give Ubuntu a try. This following entry is dedicated to all you Ubuntu users. We figured you could wear it proud and for starters, a nice Ubuntu wallpaper on the desktop.

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70+ Nice and Beautiful Firefox Wallpapers

April 14th, 2009 No comments

Good news for Firefox fans out there. If you are getting bored with your wallpaper, we've got something cool to spice up your desktop. We've crawled deep into the Internet and this weekend, we present you with some of the nicest Firefox wallpapers you'll ever find. Get your fingers ready on the mouse wheel, here's 70+ nice and beautiful Firefox wallpapers. Full list after jump.
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Windows 7 Wallpapers, The Finest So Far

April 12th, 2009 No comments

Formerly codenamed Blackcomb, then Vienna, Windows 7 is the next anticipated operating system by Microsoft after Vista. Everytime when an operating system is launch, one thing aside from the functionality that excite us are the wallpapers.

To celebrate the arriving of this new operating system fan boys and enthusiasts created related wallpapers and shared them all over the Internet. Here’s a collection of some of the Finest Windows 7 Wallpapers (yet).

Unofficial Windows 7 Wallpaper Pack by maoractive

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More (Really) Stunning Desktop Wallpapers

April 11th, 2009 No comments

Desktop wallpapers are always nice to look at and to draw inspiration from. They may provide with some fresh perspective and offer you some eye-candy for tedious coffee breaks. We are regularly hunting for free high-quality icons, fonts and wallpapers and present them to you, so you don't need to search for them. As long as we find something beautiful, interesting or useful, we let you know in our posts. And now it's time for some sweet wallpapers designer's toolbox.

In this post we present more (really) stunning desktop wallpapers related to typography, photography, illustrations, HDR as well as some abstract and fantasy-related wallpapers. Hopefully, everybody will find something interesting for his or her desktop. All wallpapers can be downloaded for free.
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