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Forget WYSIWYG editors – use WYSIWYM instead

October 3rd, 2009 No comments

A huge problem with almost every CMS in existence is the extremely poor quality of the code produced by their WYSIWYG editors. There are very few WYSIWYG editors that come anywhere close to creating fully semantic and accessible markup, as noted by Peter Krantz in Evaluation of WYSIWYG-editors.

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25 Useful WYSIWYG Editors Reviewed

April 12th, 2009 No comments

When it comes to coding editors, it's damn hard to a get a clear overview of all the benefits and functionalities different editors have to offer. However, in the end everybody needs one, so it's important to know which editor is best tailored to your personal needs.

WYSIWYG-editors are often criticized by real coding ninjas for bloated, dirty and not standards-complaint source code they've been producing over the last years. However, WYSIWYG-editors have become much better recently. Some of them even produce valid and elegant code.

Sometimes you need to provide your clients with some simple tools to edit or update their web-sites. And this is where the utility of WYSIWYG-editors comes in. As a web-professional you need to provide your clients with some sophisticated advice and offer a simple yet effective tool — e.g. a WYSIWYG-editor.

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